It’s happening, Chris Brown & Rihanna hook up on the sly!

Chris Brown & Rihanna

Chris Brown & Rihanna

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By Megan Slovak

There’s been rumours flying around for a while now that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been engaging in secret rendezvous while Rihanna is on holiday in St. Tropez, but up until now, both have denied the rumour, and there’s been no evidence.... Up until now!

Supposedly last week, Chris and Rihanna met up on his luxury yacht, two nights in a row!

An insider revealed: “Both of their yachts are huge and moored next to each other, out at sea, where they wouldn't be spotted.”

Once on Chris’ yacht, Rihanna stayed there from 3 till 6am!

Rihanna was apparently super excited that Chris was going to be in France at that same time. You may have also seen her tweet: “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit.”

A friend revealed: “[Rihanna] sent three outfits via text so he could pick what she wore.”

Not only that, but a crew member said Rihanna referred to Chris as her boyfriend. Chris has also presented Rihanna with a reconciliation ring set with three emeralds: one for each year they’ve been apart.

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