Is Mick Jagger a bad luck charm for the World Cup?

Image: AAP

Image: AAP

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Is Rolling Stones frontman MICK JAGGER a bad luck charm for sports teams?

Brazillian fans have been bullying him for supporting Brazil because they think he’s the reason they lost in the World Cup Semi finals.

Mick was cheering on Brazil from the stands of the stadium when they lost against Germany on Wednesday.

Mick previously voiced his support for Italy at a show in Rome last month, then they lost to Uruguay.

He then told fans in Lisbon that he was backing Portugal to advance to the knock-out round, but again, they failed to make it and now his triple bout of bad luck has prompted some soccer-mad devotees to dub Jagger "pe frio", which loosely translates as "the jinx".

Now fans have taken to holding up cardboard cut-outs of Mick Jagger wearing the opposing team's kit at matches.

Mick’s ex girlfriend defended him on Instaram. "I would like to ask you guys who do this kind of bullying to think before you do it. Even though it only seems like a small thing, Mick is a person like us all, and he does not deserve to be treated this way by Brazilians".

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