Is Katy Perry copying Lady Gaga



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By Steph Monks

Big celebrity hair news which is causing a big celebrity feud!

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s feud is growing – and Katy Perry’s hair is part to blame!

Katy Perry kicked off her Prism world tour in Northern Ireland. She had bright green hair and during one song he was sitting on a fake horse. Lady Gaga wasn’t too happy and thinks Katy is copying her because she recently performed with green hair and at the American Music Awards she arrived on the back on a fake horse. Lady Gaga threw some shade at Katy Perry tweeted: “Looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now”.

Also, in one of the videos that played at Katy Perry’s Prism concert, she was seen spitting up blue and green coloured paint – very similar to the Lady Gaga gets-vomited-on performance from a few months ago.

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