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Hurricane Kids - Tonight

Hurricane Kids

Hurricane Kids

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What is your single about?
Tonight is about living it up and having a GREAT night! Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and go for it! 

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?
We recorded this with the very talented James Wong at his studio. He came on board and knew exactly how to take the song to the next level!

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video? Paste the youtube link.
We’ve just finished filming the music video for the song so it will be out very soon. The concept behind the video is PARTY!! Its pool party meets live band performance and it is packed full of energy. We had so much fun making it that we just can’t wait to release it!   

Who’s in your band?
Olly, Cam, Willy and Rich.

Have you got any tours coming up?
We don’t have any tours planned at the moment but right now we’re putting together a set of great songs and looking forward to playing some super fun gigs.

Have you got an album coming out soon?
Not right now but we are writing a ton of new songs and will hopefully be putting an album together sometime next year.

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