Has Chris Brown ripped off Calvin Harris on new song?

Chris Brown & Calvin Harris

Chris Brown & Calvin Harris

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Chris Brown is facing the wrath of Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who has accused the R&B star of sampling one of his songs without permission.

The Acceptable In The 80s hitmaker admits he almost "choked on (his) cornflakes" when he heard Brown's new single Yeah 3x, insisting the song's beat is suspiciously similar to the backing track he created for his own tune, I'm Not Alone.

Harris took to his Twitter.com page to complain, posting a link to Brown's song and writing, "Choked on my cornflakes when I heard new Chris Brown single this morning... Do you know what I mean?"

The star subsequently received a barrage of angry 'Tweets' from disgruntled Brown fans and in a later post, he added, "Oh wow these Chris Brown fans are amazing! Search '@calvinharris' and see some of the replies I'm getting...

"Best one for me is 'You're in the UK why are you commenting on someone doing way better than you'".

What do you think? Did Chris Brown copy Calvin Harris? Listen to the two songs on the right and tell what you reckon below!


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