Funny Gwyneth Paltrow inspired euphemisms

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By Jay Jay

Katy Perry told a reporter last night that she is dying her black hair slime green today. "I've wanted to go slime green for a long time," she said. "It's spring time and I think it's time to freshen up my look." When Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin announced their separation, they called it ‘conscious uncoupling’. They have now become the butt of jokes.

"Entertainment Weekly" came up with some GWYNETH PALTROW-style euphemisms.

Eating is 'Organic Consumption'

Sleeping is 'Unconscious Meditation'

Acting is 'Fictional Self-Projection'

Sex is 'Repetitive Genital Alliance'

Going to the Bathroom is 'Deliberate Voiding'

Shopping is 'Additive Consumerism'

Fighting is 'Oppositional Discourse'

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