Forget planking... postering is the new craze!



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Postering is the new craze!

Created by Adelaide Nova 919's breakfast team of Maz, Dan, and Shane, Postering is all about a photo re-enactment of famous movie posters. Like anything though there are rules. In fact the The Spirit of Postering states that:

- Postering is all about the pose.
- Postering is not a costume competition. Costumes are allowed, but not necessary, as are props.
- Postering is about recreating movie posters not scenes from movies.
- Photoshop is frowned upon - Postering isn't a Photoshop competition. It's all about the photo, not your Photoshop skills.

And Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom have created their own!
Mike & Dom chose 'The Notebook' and Jay-Jay & Sharyn chose 'Bridesmaids'.
Which one is best? Comment below!

PLUS, Chang, kiwi singer Annabel Fay and Rhys Darby have joined the craze - check them out below!



On the right, our Bridesmaids from The Edge office - Sarah, Jay-Jay, Kerry, Ange, Sharyn & Emily - are dressed by


Annabel Fay:

Rhys Darby:

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