Florence + The Machine are to make a musical

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Florence Welch is planning to use her year-long hiatus to work on creating a musical.

The Florence + The Machine frontwoman, 26, is set to take 12 months out of the music industry when the band's upcoming tour ends, and Welch is keen to use the time to settle into her new home.

She also reveals she dreams of writing a stage production with friend Sophie Hart-Walsh, telling London's Evening Standard, "It would be amazing to get it into the West End. That's obviously the dream goal."

Speaking about her hiatus, Welch says, "I've been on tour since I was 21. I need a break and to have the chance to do normal things, like go to the supermarket and hang out with my friends.

"I've only just moved out of my mum's house, so I'd like to settle into my new place and start getting inspired again. If I started writing songs now, all they'd be about is tour buses and hotel rooms."





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