The Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

Auckland Domain

Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

11am, November 22, 2015 – THIS WEEKEND!

Every year the carts in the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix seem to be getting more and more ridiculous, so we’re getting amongst it this Sunday! Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom are going head to head with Marty & Steph from The Edge’s Smash TV in a battle of the ages!

If you’re in Auckland this weekend, come watch at Auckland Domain on Sunday November 22nd or catch all the action on TV3 from 3-5pm.


Judges for this year’s event include; professional rugby league player -Shaun Johnson,New Zealand rally driver- Hayden Paddon, professional drifter- ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett.

With the judges making the final calls, it looks like the teams of this year’s race have their work cut out for them!
This year over 50 teams will battle it out at the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix on November 22, and potentially wining $10,000!

Visit now to watch the team build progression clips. #RBTGP. 

See below for Jay Jay Mike and Dom and Marty and Stephs Trolleys!

Team name - Smashed & Trolleyed
We are Smashed and Trolleyed.. which also just happens to be our team name! And we have one goal, destroy Jay Jay, Mike and Dom. Combining Steph’s years of experience of being an illegal street racer, and Marty’s undefeatable speed at which he goes down.. Like, hills and stuff. We have concocted one of the fastest, deadliest, and smelliest Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix teams ever created. The pit crew is made up of producers Craig, Ruby, and Oscar. Said to be one of the most dedicated crews of all time, it is rumoured that they use so much Red Bull energy, that they eat the cans too. Like, what is wrong with them? Watch your backs, fronts, sides and wing mirrors Jay Jay, Mike and Dom, because we are Smashed.. and Trolleyed.


Team name - Ménage-et-car
We plan to win. Not just to beat Marty & Steph, but to win the entire thing. And even if we lose, we will go on the air the next day and claim that we won anyway because we have found if people hear something on the radio, they assume it is factual.

The Trolleys


The Track