The Edge Guest List

Check out all the names that have made it on to The Edge Guest List.

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Justin Timberlake

Sally Ding + Guest
Candice Upperton + Guest
Merel Bats + Guest
Georgina Hughes + Guest
Devon Morris + Guest
Stacey Dring + Guest
Taylor Eustace+ Guest
Harriet Maher + Guest
Maddy Murray + Guest
Anna Boud+ Guest
Jenna Bradley+ Guest
Ebony Elliott + Guest
Gemma Krebs+ Guest
Sophie McCulloch+ Guest
Josh Balhorn+ Guest
Tessa Carlisle + Guest
Cassandra Ho + Guest
Terri Johnstone + Guest
Lucy Roberts + Guest
Andrea Atkinson + Guest
Donna Botha + Guest
Jessica Brune - Jone  + Guest
Claire Drury + Guest
Emma Loggenberg + Guest
Maddy Murray   + Guest
Sherridan Kanavatoa + Guest
Laura Grace+ Guest 
Andrew Nguyen+ Guest

Rhythm & Vines

Sam Hitchcock + Guest
Josh Maclean + Guest 

Ricky Martin

Our: House Music Festival

Jessica Francis + Guest
Charlotte Dunkley + Guest  

New Zealand Fashion Week 2014

-Jacqueline Siu  + Guest
-Sarah Martin+ Guest 
-Jacque Shaw  + Guest 
-Samantha Shorter + Guest  (The Edge Insider- Follow Sam for the latest on NZFW)   


Katy Perry

Sam Huckstep + Guest
Hayley Prue + Guest
Sophie Bailey + Guest
Kelly Davis + Guest
Jordarne Wiggins + Guest
Adrian Rowe + Guest 
Sarah Warmington+ Guest 
Kathryn Johnstone + Guest
Shinnae Strling  + Guest

Rhythm and Alps

American Authors

Taylor Dwan +Guest
Symone Heke + Guest
Lucy Mcdonough+ Guest
Ruby Olds+ Guest
Amrisha Sumeran+ Guest
Paige Bothamley + Guest
Lenor Emiral+ Guest
Gauge Lenord +Guest
Siobhan Rhodes + Guest
Phoebe Riddell+ Guest

Dick Smith NRL Auckland Nines

Kimberly Blakemore  + Guest 
Jan Louis Fourie + Guest 
Danielle McRoberts + Guest 
Paul Vaalepu+ Guest 
Marc Ronan+ Guest  

5 Seconds Of Summer

Mia Weber + 2 Guests 
Jahaan Milner + Guest 
Gabby Browne+ Guest