Concert Goers Guide

1. Begin by signing up for The Edge online newsletters Facebook pages, also of bands which you would like to see in concert as well as local venues. This will ensure that you are quick to find out about the latest 'gigs' in time to buy tickets.

2. Keep updated on The Edge websites, often to see new dates or itinerary changes.

3. When you hear about a concert you're interested in, check ticket availability. Many popular concerts may sell out before you get a chance to buy your tickets.

•Don't assume it is sold out until you are told so by the venue

•Bands that are growing in popularity may still be playing smaller venues. Although this is a great time to see them you should plan on getting your tickets early as possible.

4. Encourage friends to come along. This will increase your safety and make for an altogether more enjoyable experience. •Start asking around when you hear about the show and feel free to contact The Edge with any questions, around the shows we are aligned with- we’re all to happy to help!

•Coordinate who will buy the tickets since buying them individually will mean you sit apart.

(Unless it is a general admission show.)

•Keep in contact with your friends after you've decided to go. Make sure no one changes their minds or makes other plans and you buy a ticket for them.

5. Book your tickets from a reliable company. See The Edge event articles for an authorised ticket website or authorized ticket site. Compare prices between websites to confirm you are getting your tickets at a reasonable price.

•Booking online or in person will offer you the same chance for good tickets. Spending the night outside the venue no longer offers the opportunities for good seats, unless general admission for this venue means standing room close to the stage. In this case, the earlier you get to the venue the higher the likelihood that you will be front and centre.

•Find out the date and time tickets go on sale and try to book at that time.

•Buying smaller numbers of tickets will usually result in better seats. Trying to buy 10 tickets at once will probably have nosebleed seats.

•Purchases online require a credit card. Box office purchases can usually use cash or credit.

6. Avoid ticket auctions unless you are willing to risk counterfeit tickets or paying high prices.

7. Determine the start time of the show by checking your ticket. The Edge website can also update you of changes.

•Some bands actually go on stage at the time indicated on the ticket. There might be opening acts before the main artist performs, but don't arrive too late.

8. Coordinate your departure time allowing for traffic.

•Some concerts and bands have a fan base which likes to tail gate (huge parking lot party) before the show. The venue can tell you if this is expected for the show you are attending.

9. Coordinate supplies or items you will need in advance. Make a schedule and share it with anyone attending with you.

•Plan your wardrobe ahead of time

•Withdraw a reasonable amount of cash from the ATM.

•Pack your tickets, ID, money, cell phone, parking passes or any other confirmations.

10. Carpool or "caravan". Once you have your tickets, you may be surprised by the number of people going who you know. Usually, the larger the group the better, and this cuts down on parking fees, gas, etc.

•Arrange a neutral meeting place, perhaps someone's house with adequate parking and centrally located.

•Determine a mutually agreeable time to meet for the carpool. Habitually late friends should be told an earlier time.

•Larger cities offer mass transit to the venue. Leave early enough to avoid the rush just before show time.

11. Dress appropriately for the weather but assume the interior of the venue will become quite warm. Dress in layers and consider a light jacket if it's cold. If you are attending at an outdoor venue then consider the weather in advance. The chances are that you will be standing around for a great deal of time waiting for something to happen. •If you bring a jumper or coat these should be stored in the cloakroom facility as it is too hot to wear.

•Not all venues have coat checks and the ones that do may be very busy before an after the show. It's best you bring something manageable.

•Assume your bag will be searched upon entering the venue. Hide your camera if you forgot to leave it in the car.

•Some bands and venues also have attendees patted down or frisked for weapons or prohibited items. They will have women pat down women and men for checking other men. Listen to instructions on the way in and the process should only take a few seconds.

•Keep your ticket on your person at all times. Should you leave your seat for any reason you may be asked to show your ticket to return. You also may be subject to ticket searches once you have already been seated.

•Try to carry a bag that is easy to manage while at the show. The less you carry, the better.

•Bags should be worn over your head or easily fit between feet on the floor. The best bags close completely to avoid being picked as you walk through the crowd.

•If you often leave your seats to mosh, dance, cruise the crowd, etc. you should store your items in pockets or with a friend and leave your bag at home.

12. Leave your food and beverage at home. You will not be admitted with it and thrown out if you are caught with it.

13. Determine if there is an opening act. Many people enjoy them, it gives you more bang for your money and it is a great way to see up and coming artists. Although sometimes these are smaller bands they are usually a style of music which compliments the headliner. If you are not interested, now would be a good time to locate your friends.

14. Arrive early and purchase a beverage, snacks or band merchandise from the merchandise tables. •Buying early gives you the best selection of band merchandise for sale.

15. Merchandise tables, beer and wine sales, concession stands often close before the show ends. Don't assume you will get it on the way out. It may not be available.

16. Enjoy the show. Many people leave early or before the final encore and the house lights go up. Feel free to stay and enjoy the show. You may even be able to slip into a now vacant seat for the finale.

17. Pre-designate a meeting place away from the crowds to find your friends and transport.