On Friday May 27th, ‘The Edge Heart A Ginga Day’, celebrated with redheads all over New Zealand.

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Annabelle Murray a student from Southland Girls High School said, “This is the day that sorts out the proud gingas like me, to the not so proud gingas.  This day is one of my favourites as I get gifts like Fanta, Red Bull, and Gingernuts and receive the coolest compliments, all just for the flare of my hair.”

People all over NZ showed their ginga friends, family members and colleagues their support and appreciation for them anyway they liked with love!

Why not extend the love over the weekend - bake your ginga mate a cake, buy them a coffee, a beer or maybe even a rad 'Heart A Ginga' tshirt!

Share your ginga love online with our Heart A Ginga badge and icon!

Heart A Ginga Day                  Heart A Ginga Day         

Tweet them, put them on your Facebook profile, even put them in pics of you showing a ginga the love, go wild!
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