Get Closer to Major Lazer at Our House with Guy Sharyn and Clint’s ‘Major Laser Impersonator’

Ever since the dawn of time…. (well since last week when they found out they had a Major Lazer meet and greet to giveaway) – Guy, Sharyn and Clint have wondered… who is New Zealand’s biggest, massivest, most humongousestest, ‘Major Lazer Impersonator’!!

If you think you’re New Zealand’ s best Major Lazer Impersonator, listen to Guy, Sharyn and Clint from 3pm all this week and you could be hanging out with the world’s most Major Lazer - Major Lazer! at Our House 2015 with Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Galantis, DJ Snake, Duke Dumont and more!

Tickets are selling fast, check details at - R18

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