Emma talks about 21 days inside a box on Campbell Live

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Campbell Live interviews Emma Lewis about being locked in a small room-sized box in a secret location for 21 days. Today she got out after 21 days.

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Ken Ring
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  • ohmygoshifoundshit
    What a crock of shit, Emma was out of the box at 1.30 when interviewd she walked out then and got snapped by those girls thats why it called off early, look at the release box video fletch and vaughn are walking out with her, have a look at campbell live she walks out alone and theyre all in the kitchen clapping and then on the patio with campbell live this was ment to be at 5.10 not even and use wonder why people are upset, been treated like idiots, on idiotic thing was to play this game thinking it was being run by professionals, yeah right professional con artists THE EDGE OVER AND OUT

    23/09/2010 9:58:52 p.m.
    What an awesome game got me looking at every place in Wanganui actually the whole of the Manawatu area... Is the edge going to do this again... Bad buzz to the spoiler though.. Come on kuzzies we all want a chance to win.

    23/09/2010 10:35:56 a.m.
  • Michelle
    Emma was such a great sport and entertaining. Even thoughn I live in Rotas my workmates reckon I would make a good cab driver in Wanganui. This was such fun 'Lost in the Box', even though my husband doesn't, cos it took over my nights.
    23/09/2010 9:07:53 a.m.
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