Ed Sheeran does something in every country he visits

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Ed Sheeran marks his touring achievements by getting a new tattoo in each country he visits.

The A Team hitmaker sports several inkings on his body and he recently had a maple leaf etched on his left forearm to commemorate his Canadian concerts.

He tells Canada's Much Music website, "This is my fourth time in Canada now and it's become a habit - I've been getting a tattoo in almost every single American state and different country around the world I've been touring in and since we're in Canada and I have time I'm going to get a maple leaf."

Sheeran let cameras film his body art session and declared, "Getting the maple leaf - it's alright so far, it's not as painful as the wrist. I got the wrist done about a month ago - that was pretty bad. This is kind of cool. I think it's going to look nice... having a bit of Canada on my skin is always a good thing."


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