Did Rihanna give Chris Brown herpes

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna

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By Megan Slovak

Someone claiming to be Chris Brown has filed a bogus lawsuit and request for a restraining order against Rihanna after she apparently gave him Herpes.  

This is obviously not true, but totes hilarious all the same! This is what the person filing the documents alleges:

"[Rihanna] gave me herpes and then when I threatened to file a lawsuit against her for not telling me she was infested with genital blisters she began to hit herself in the face and throw herself into walls just as Jim Carrey did in the movie Liar, Liar."

The paperwork continued:

"I woke up with three blisters on my penis … this isn't just a regular case of American herpes, this is a case of Herpes from Barbados, which is most likely lethal."

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