Did Justin Bieber cause Calvin Harris and Rita Ora to split?

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

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By Steph Monks

Calvin Harris has confirmed on Twitter that he and Rita Ora have split up.

Calvin announced the split after he had been spotted partying with different women over the last week. He tweeted, “To address speculation – myself and Rita ended out relationship some time ago.”

He added, “She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best.”

Calvin and Rita began dating in May 2013.

But why did they break up?

Rumours are that Justin Bieber is to blame! Rita and Justin got touchy feely at a recording studio. She was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing her back. Calvin heard about it and wasn’t happy.

Calvin produced her latest track I Will Never Let You Down and has produced some other un-released songs for her too. But sources say following the break up, he won’t allow their release.


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