Chris Brown & Drake banned from high class venue

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Owners of a New York nightclub have been ordered by police to ban rival stars Chris Brown and Drake after a violent clash between the pair's entourages earlier this year.

The Kiss Kiss hitmaker's aides were involved in a scuffle with Drake's team at Manhattan's W.i.P. venue in June, following a war of words over Brown's ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The two stars are facing a $15 million lawsuit from executives at Entertainment Enterprises, Ltd., which owns the venue, and now it has emerged local cops have advised managers to keep the warring pair away from the building.

One of the Co-owners of the bars said  "We've definitely had our issues since (the) Drake and Chris Brown (incident). (Cops) are posted outside every night. They definitely would not want Drake or Chris Brown in the club - they've stated that."




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