Celebs turn against The Biebs on Twitter

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

A few celebrities have turned against Justin Bieber since his arrest. Here are some celebritweets…

Seth Rogen: "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of [crap]."

Jason Biggs: "50 in a 30. Jesus, Bieber even drag races like a Pussy."

Zach Braff: "I'm nervous for Justin's anus in jail. #FreeBieber."

Mario Lopez: (Host of X Factor USA) "Justin Bieber mugshot . . . he MUST be high . . . he thought he was at a Teen Beat photo shoot."

JUSTIN BIEBER has compared himself to MICHAEL JACKSON.

After his arrest he sat on the roof of his car and waved to fans as he drove away – much like Michael Jackson did when he was vindicated of child sex abuse charges.

The black and white shot shows Bieber sitting on his car waving to fans, superimposed next to a photo of Michael Jackson doing the same thing.

He captioned it, "What more can they say" and added a picture of a crown.

Another pic shows him sitting on a couch and leaning into the camera, with the caption "Thank u lord", and on Twitter he wrote, "You are all worthy no matter what anyone says... Be strong God is with us all... My Beliebers changed my life... I will forever be grateful."

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