Celebrity A-Listers Old Audition Tapes

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Before these A-listers were able to pick and choose their roles, they had to audition along with everybody else. Check out some of the most amazing celeb auditions.

Emma Stone - Easy A

Rachel McAdams - The Notebook

Steve Carrell - Anchorman

Seth Rogen - Freaks and Geeks

Jason Segel - Freaks and Geeks

Ellen Page & Olivia Thirlby - Juno

The Office audition tapes - You may be a bit surprised who came in for a go...

Lindsay Lohan's screentest - The Parent Trap

Chad Michael Murrey & Hilary Duff - A Cinderella Story

Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad

The first ever screentest for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson - Harry Potter

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