Celeb demands that will weird you out

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By Sharyn Casey

Celebrities are known for their crazy demands on their riders – but some are stranger than others.

I’ve put together the Celeb demands that weirded me out the most Top 5.

Kanye West – No surprises he’s on the list, but he demands a stash of water bottles to take on stage that ALL have their brand stickers removed

Mariah Carey – Back in 2009 she asked for 20 white kittens & 100 doves while she performed a Christmas song at a Westfield.

Jennifer Lopez – To travel from Cannes to Monaco back in 2010 JLo asked for a custom ferry with faux leather seats, champagne fridge & diamond encrusted headphones

Lady Gaga – Requested a mannequin with no hair apart from pink puffy pubic hair at all her shows

Madonna – Demands a new toilet seat for the toilet she uses in her dressing room 

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