Brad Watson is my name!

Brad Watson is my name!
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Wednesday 23 June 11:54 a.m.

Name: Brad Michael Watson
Age/Date of Birth: 18/8/82
Born: The Dirty H!
Grew up: In the Tron and

Whangamata, I can break into a car and sur
Partner/who: Kylie…police woman.. My mini-cop!

Got Kids/want kids:
Don’t have kids at this stage, really keen to one day though, still got a bit of party in me yet haha

How long have you been at the Edge? What’s your role?
I’ve been here since I was 16, 11 years now! I host The nightshow. I’ve been a road runner, hosted the afternoon show, scheduled music, emptied the bins bla bla

Best thing about working at The Edge:
Its not Classic hits

Worst thing about working at The Edge:
Sometimes I have to clean the bins haha

Highlight of your career so far?
Travelling to 14 countries for a promo, being nominated for a radio award, singing with the Backstreet Boys, interviewing some of the biggest bands in the world…theres so many I can remember most of it!

Favourite songs right now:
General Fiasco – Ever so shy!

Top 5 Bands of all time:
Nirvana, Tool, Chemical Brothers, Led Zeppllin, Kings of Leon

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done:
Locked myself out of the edge while a song was finishing…dead air… Closing my finger in a car door, swearing on air thinking my mic was turned off, knocking a guy off his bike in my car, started smoking, never got braces, I don’t have enough time to list all!

What do you get up to on the weekend?
I drink a beer, I fly planes, I ride dirtbikes and hang with the missus!

Do you Play sports:
Not really, I snowboard sometimes and a bit of BYC, although I am pretty shit at it!

Favourite foods:
Steak, my god I love a good eye fillet…I look online how to cook perfect steaks, man I want one now. Pasta too..

Which Edge DJ is most likely to get you in to trouble and why?
Um, hard to say… I was involved in an on foot police chase with Vaughan once, don’t ask me why but it was all around Auckland city and we got away hahaha

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