Bloc Party singer fears he's been fired

Bloc Party singer fears he's been fired
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Wednesday 21 September 11:30 a.m.

British singer Kele Okereke fears he has been dropped as the frontman of Bloc Party after his bandmates held a recording session without him.

The Helicopter hitmakers announced a hiatus in 2009, while Okereke worked on a solo album, but guitarist Russell Lissack confirmed in April (11) that the group was planning to reform to begin work on a new album.

However, no one has told the singer of the band's plans - and Okereke was left stunned when Lissack, bassist Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong staged a jam session together in New York without him.

He tells, "I was actually having lunch about three weeks ago... and I saw somebody walk past and I recognised the haircut. It was Russell. I was like, 'Hey!' but he didn't see me and I followed him around the corner and then I saw Matt, Gordon and Russell all standing outside this rehearsal space. They all went inside."

And Okereke can only hope he hasn't lost his job with Bloc Party: "I hope I haven't been fired. I don't really know what's going on, because we haven't really spoken recently and I'm a bit too scared to ask."

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