Andrew from Auckland

Andrew from Auckland
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Full Name:
Andrew Papas

18 Years


Describe yourself:
"I am fun loving, gentle and not afraid to be sexy on stage. I am hard working and very passionate about my talent."

Where were you born?
South Africa

Current occupation?
Part time Barista

Dream occupation?
To be a professional recording artist

Tell us one interesting fact about you?

I’m good in the kitchen. I love cooking.

Best child hood memory?
The thrill of performing on stage at the age of 6 to about 500 people

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?
Extra hot Nandos chicken

What’s your party trick?

I like to pull out that I can sing

What body part would you give up for a million dollars?
I don’t think I’d give up anything.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

If it means I can sleep longer...only 5 minutes

Boyz II Men, Take That, Boyzone, Westlife, NSYNC, One Direction, The Wanted – who is your favourite Boy Band?
The Wanted because they break all the boy band rules

If you were a celebrity, who would you be?

Justin Timberlake. He’s got an amazing unique voice, a great stage personality, he’s got awesome dancing skills and he can act too!

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