All you need to know about Kim & Kanye’s wedding

Image: @godsmessenger on Instagram

Image: @godsmessenger on Instagram

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married yesterday in Florence, Italy. (Scroll down to see some of the pics posted on Insty by guests)

They had a pre-wedding cocktail party in Paris the day before and then flew all their guests to Florence.

Kim wore a white, long-sleeved, backless custom-made Givenchy wedding dress. Kanye wore a black Givenchy suit and 11-month-old North wore a white Givenchy dress.

Kim’s bridesmaids were her sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie who all dressed in white dresses that did not match.

During the reception, Kim changed into a black dress and Kanye introduced her as ‘my baby, Kim Kardashian-West’.

After Kim and Kanye said "I do", an incredible fireworks show began that lasted several minutes.

Kim's favourite singer Lana Del Rey performed as well as Andrea Bocelli and John Legend.

600 guests attended the wedding. There were a few celebrity guests and a few notable no-shows too. Beyonce & Jay-Z didn’t make it but Beyonce posted a photo of Kim, Kanye and baby North on her Instagram with the caption: “Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family.”

KIM KARDASHIAN'S aunty Karen didn’t go either because she was afraid the wildfires in Southern California would destroy her house. She said, "If your house was going to burn down would you go to Paris? Screw it . . . I've been to two weddings of Kim. But I'm really happy for her and I do have a present for her."

And Kim’s younger brother Rob Kardashian also missed it. Kim asked all of her family members to wear Valentino couture to the lunch in Paris, but Rob Kardashian didn’t fit into any of the clothes so Kim accused him of not losing any weight for the wedding, which got them arguing. He called the whole event ‘superficial bullshit’ and was sickened by their display of wealth, clothes and beauty. He thought he’d make life easier by just leaving (Wow!).

What did the guests feast on? Take a look, looks deeeelish! (wonder how much it costed per head!)

The only photo to come from Kim on her big day was of the grounds at the wedding... perfection! (apart from those dark clouds, but ah well)

Sister Khloe posted this beautiful pic of her looking out over the spectacular view:

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